Material, Ink and Die Information

General Product Information

Materials, adhesives and printing processes are varied and designed to fit most general applications. In some cases, specific combinations of these elements are required to achieve optimal performance. The safest policy is to provide detailed information about the product's end use. This enables us to assist you in ordering the correct product for your project.

Pressure-Sensitive Materials

Standard vinyl products are offered in a range of light to permanent adhesives. Super-Tac products provide an immediate and permanent tack when applied. Ultra-Tac works especially well on powder-coated surfaces and certain types of plastics. The decals have a high initial tack and strong ultimate bond. For a decal that is completely removable and leaves no adhesive residue, a Removable decal is recommended. Clear, Chrome and other Polyester based materials are provided with permanent adhesive. These products do not shrink when exposed to high temperatures. Static is an indoor material that is pressuresensitive without the use of adhesives and is designed to stick to a smooth surface such as glass. The minimum recommended application temperature for pressure-sensitive materials is 50° F.


See "Use and Care" instructions included with outdoor magnet orders. When applying magnets to a vehicle, the area should be thoroughly cleaned and then dried. The magnet should be removed daily to clean and dry the product and underlying surface.

Plastic Products

Styrene is a rigid plastic with a smooth surface. It is most frequently used for membership cards or products not requiring long-term outdoor exposure.

Polyethylene products remain flexible during cold months and resist chipping and cracking at extreme temperatures.

Outdoor Poster Materials are poly-coated to be weather-resistant.

Corrugated signs are printed on approximately 3/16" thick corrugated plastic sheeting.

Recycling of Products and Post-Consumer ContentMaterials

Some of the products found in our catalog may be recycled. We have placed symbols with the appropriate codes on items throughout the catalog that are commonly recycled. Each community may have different recycling requirements and you should check with your local facility for more information. Some plastic items can be made from "Post-consumer content" recycled materials. Please call or write for pricing and availability. Earth friendly roll labels that have a face made from postconsumer content are found in the "Roll Labels" section of the catalog.

Roll Label Materials

Standard Roll Labels are offered in many different material choices. Each is offered with a general purpose permanent adhesive which has an application temperature of a minimum of 50° F. The adhesive is designed to stick to a wide variety of substrates. All of these materials are paper based and designed for indoor use.

Specialty Material Roll Labels are offered in your choice of the following materials each with unique applications.

  • White Gloss with Removable Adhesive is used when labels need long-term removability on a wide variety of surfaces. Because surfaces vary, samples should be requested to test your application.

  • White Gloss with Freezer Grade Adhesiveis used when the environment or product you are labeling is below 50° F. These labels have an application temperature down to -20° F.

  • White Gloss with Opaque Adhesive is used to cover up or hide something else. The permanent adhesive has a grey color and when combined with the white gloss face sheet is very effective at covering up even high contrast printing like black on white. Color matches can not be guaranteed on this material.

  • Brown Kraft Paper with Permanent Adhesive is used when a natural look of paper is desired. The unique color and texture of this unbleached material makes it a great choice for product labeling. Color matches can not be guaranteed on this material.


Screen printed products use ultraviolet inks for extended outdoor and indoor use. Metallic, fluorescent and color matched inks are available. Fluorescent inks are not fade resistant nor recommended for use with styrene based products.

Flexographic inks are for indoor usage only. The inks may change dramatically when printed on colored stocks or when trapping over other colors.

Digital products will create all colors out of 4-color process: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Some colors and PMS numbers fall outside the achievable range.


We offer many stock shapes throughout the catalog to reduce costs to our customers. Charges in the catalog reflect the cost of dies that follow a general die shape and do not require intricate detail, sharp points or excessive bending. Example: Starbursts or tight cuts around text. Additional charges will be required for these circumstances. (See graphic below.)

Flexographic dies not found in the catalog require additional time and special quotes. Call or write for pricing.